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Auragraphs — “an artistic diagram of the human aura”.  This phrase was coined by the renowned Medium and Psychic Artist Harold Sharp.

Auragraphs can come in many shapes and sizes.  I typically create mine in a circle with inspired words or phrases around its circumference to help and inspire the recipient now and in the future.  They are created primarily on a psychic level by tuning into a persons aura.  The Psychic Artist then translates the information received in picture form.  Auragraphs are normally read from left to right or from the bottom to the top for the past, present and possible future/ clients potential. Its like reading a tarot/oracle card as each picture tells a story.


Symbolically everything has a meaning e.g. hollyhocks flowers can stand for fertility and growth,  lady birds are for luck and abundance and butterflies for transformation.  Each colour also has a meaning e.g. green can stand for growth and harmony, while the yellow can be for happiness and optimism.  Numerology can also be used e.g. If there are 3 dragonflies, the number 3 stands for inspiration and creativity. If there are 7 flowers they would stand for completeness and perfection.  If some of the flowers are yet to open properly, that would symbolise further growth and expansion in an area.


While reading the auragraph for an individual I may also connect with their loved ones in spirit and pass on a message. This isn't the norm as auragraphs are a psychic tool.

Examples of Auragraphs

Animal Totem Auragraph

Would you like to order an Auragraph for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member?

Each auragraph is created on A4 (21cm by 29.5cm) high quality water colour paper and the reading is typed up, printed and attached.

Both are then scanned and emailed and the original is posted via special delivery.

They take approximately a day to complete, so must be booked well in advance.

On its own an auragraph costs £50, with a mini reading £65 and £80 with a full reading. Postage is sent tracked and signed via Royal Mail and varies depending on your location.

Please email me your request using the Contact Form

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